Jaws and Aura – Halcyon




What’s inside you?

An iconic pair has been reborn. In this lifetime they’re going to get things right.

Jaws [26.5 cm] is one of coarse’s most recognizable designs, and its companion piece, Aura [35.5 cm], was first released last year. Emanating the pinks and blues of the loser trees they hatch from, both noops stand proud and resilient, ready to make the most of their lives.

Jaws – Halcyon contains noop, a removable shark helmet, and a non-stick pad to keep the helmet atop his head as he feels the blissful force of finally being alive. Aura – Halcyon comes with noop and his dragon companion firmly fixed around his body to keep him safe and defended as he moves forward into the world. The figures are securely packed inside separate color-printed gift boxes and embedded in black sponge.

Jaws and Aura – Halcyon implores us to move into the future while cracking open the the cornerstones of our souls.

Your better days might be behind you, but your best moments are still ahead.

Find your glow

Jaws and Aura – Halcyon
Set of two figures
US$ 360

In stock, shipping June 2019.

Jaws and Aura – Halcyon will go on sale Tuesday, June 4 at the following times exclusively at coarse.shop.

08:59 am Los Angeles
11:59 am New York
05:59 pm Berlin
11:59 pm Hong Kong

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