Jaws and Aura – Ignited


Live in the glow

Darkness illuminates
The truth inside you.
How bright does your aura burn?

For the first time ever, Jaws [26.5 cm] is lighting up the dark. With his companion piece Aura [35.5 cm], the noops have nothing to be afraid of anymore. As the sun sets on their home planet of The Elastomer, the best parts of themselves radiate an intrepid glow, blinding their doubts and fears, pushing them fearlessly into the night. Other creatures cower in the darkness, but as night pushes on, the noops feel more intrepid and wise. The pitfalls of their own existence no longer frighten them, and they believe they will evade the harvest when it comes. For once, they see their own image in the stars. Life is short, yes, but it is theirs to live. If only we had known this sooner, they think, but worries like these can't haunt them anymore.

Jaws – Ignited contains noop, a removable glow-in-the-dark shark helmet, and a non-stick pad to keep the helmet atop his head as he experiences what it means to be alive for the very first time. Aura – Ignited comes with noop and his dragon self-reflection illuminating the night and firmly fixed around his body to ward off the gales of desolation that permeate through The Elastomer. The figures are securely packed inside separate color-printed gift boxes and embedded in black sponge.

Jaws and Aura – Ignited celebrates the parts of ourselves we can no longer hide behind and the answers that have been with us all along.

The time you lose is lost forever. Let the night air swallow your fears, and open yourself up to you who you really are.

Perceive your truth

Jaws and Aura – Ignited
Set of two figures
US$ 360

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