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Sven Waschk
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Work in the coarse world began in 2003 when German artists Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk began developing their unique style of sculpting. Through handcrafted original figures and limited vinyl editions, their three-dimensional visual storytelling captures provocative and sobering moments in which friendships wither, innocence shatters, and vengeance lurks in the corners. 

The artists focus primarily on statues that range from small to life-size and are crafted from resin and wood. After an initial conceptual phase they go directly into the sculpting process. Depending on the complexity of the piece it can take months until the shape is finalized. This is followed by mould-making, casting, sanding, detailing and painting in their Frogtown, Los Angeles studio.

Landwehr and Waschk pay the highest attention to every detail of their work in order to avoid distracting the viewer. This allows people to dive into the surreal scenes and stories, where an underlying sense of pain, sadness, and loneliness is often present. 

Through solo exhibitions around the world and collaborations with Amnesty International, Warner Bros., Vans, and Ubisoft, coarse has gained a loyal following of international collectors. With each new sculpture, the artists aim to create surreal scenes and stories that evoke a second reality.

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Solo Exhibitions

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2003 Plastic Particles Group exhibition / Berlin and Tokyo
2008 noop show Solo exhibition / Chicago
  noop show Solo exhibition / Berlin
2010 glimpse of truth Solo exhibition / Chicago
2011 shadows over paradise Solo exhibition / Taipei
2012 open studio night Hong Kong
  souls gone mad Solo exhibition/ Chicago
2014 Voyages Solo exhibition / Tokyo
  Prisoners Beside Me Solo exhibition / Chicago
2016 Cold Ways
Nights that haunt the past
Solo exhibition / Chicago
2017 Past / Present Solo exhibition / Seoul


2003 DNB prototypes Book [50]
2004 flake, fluid and float 12'' vinyl figures cream [300], revolt [200], switch [300] and pain [200]
2007 pain 1:3 26'' vinyl figure
  flake, fluid and float 1:1 Fibreglass statues [25]
2008 chopper 1:3 26'' vinyl figure [200]
  paw! rainbow 12'' vinyl figure [200]
  paw! blackout 12'' vinyl figure [200]
  jaws 13'' vinyl figures cream [100] and co x ro [100]
2009 paw! pain 12'' vinyl figure [200]
  jaws switch 13'' vinyl figure [200]
  paw! milky bliss 12'' vinyl figure
  paw! spectrum 12'' vinyl figures blue [50], yellow [50] and purple [50]
  jaws pain 13'' vinyl figures hkg [100] and signature
2010 false friends loser 13'' vinyl figures hkg [200] and signature
  jaws loser 13'' vinyl figures blush [50] and white [100]
  false friends blackout 13'' vinyl figures [300]
  false friends in pain 13'' resin figures [88]
  false friends the sun age 13'' vinyl figures [88]
  eyes of fear Fibreglass busts
noop [200] and paw! [200]
2011 oop loser 7'' vinyl figures hkg [200] and signature
  casting shadows
7'' vinyl figures hkg [200] and signature
  casting shadows
switch to fall
7'' vinyl figures [200]
  oopCr 7'' vinyl figures [150]
  paw! raw 12'' vinyl figure
  casting shadows
7'' vinyl figures soul [200] and signature
2012 rise of pain in dreams 17'' vinyl figure [200]
  paw! blush
collection Selim Varol
12'' vinyl figure [2x77]
  oop prey 7'' vinyl figures [300]
  dark sorrows 9.25'' resin figures [100]
2013 op prey – blackout 7'' vinyl figures oop and aw! [150]
  souls gone mad
14'' vinyl figures dream set [123] and signature set [234]
  omen daybreak 7'' vinyl figure [345]
  locks 11'' vinyl figure blush and milky bliss [250]
  the passage 11'' vinyl figure set [222]
  souls gone mad – ignited
14'' vinyl figures signature set, omen shine and omen shimmer [180]
  omen blink 3.5'' vinyl figures omen hoot and omen hush
  dark sorrows – nightshade 9.25'' resin figures [99 pcs].
  omen blink 3.5'' vinyl figures blush, milky bliss, the sun age and switch to fall
  omen pain 7'' vinyl figures grim and grudge [234]
2014 locks pain 11'' vinyl figure [300]
  locks blackout 11'' vinyl figure [100]
  omen wood 4.5'' wood figure [25]
  flake, fluid and float 10th 12'' vinyl figures cream [320], pain [220]
  omen blink
3.5'' vinyl figures lustre and haze
  omenblackout 7'' vinyl figure
  omen blink
3.5'' vinyl figures loser [trip and flop], ignited [beam and flash], monochrome [eclipse and orb]
  omen totem
14'' omen vinyl figures loser black, jaws and pain [200]
  the passage
11'' vinyl figure sets ignited [150] ignited monochrome [222]
  omen blink 3.5'' omen vinyl figures fugi and shibuya
  omen outburst – loop 7'' vinyl figures white [30], blue and black [300]
2015 omen outburst – ignited 7'' vinyl figures glint and glare [400]
  omen totem
14'' omen vinyl figures loser blue and loser white [100]
  Permanent Guest

5'' vinyl figure sets Endless Shadows, Promised Bliss [345 pcs each] and Delusion
  omen fade

7'' vinyl figures infinity, requiem and ignited
  Last Days Of Autum 11.5'' vinyl figure set shiver [234] and frenzy [345]
9.5'' vinyl figure velórios, saudade and mágoa [345]
2016 Do Not Disturb 8'' vinyl figure sets Endless Shadows, Promised Bliss [345] and Delusion
  False Friends – Reignited 13'' vinyl figures Reignited Monochrome [123] and Reignited [345]
  cancan – inginted
9.5'' vinyl figure [280]
9'' wood figure walnut and white oak [50 pcs each]
  Last Days Of Autum 11.5'' vinyl figure set chop chop [150]
2017 Do Not Disturb – Ignited 8'' vinyl figure sets [150]
  Enjoy Your Stay 12'' vinyl figure Prism [299] and Blackout [199]
  ZigZag 4.5'' vinyl figure set Shiver [300] and Katsura [300]
  Cells 10.5'' vinyl figure Narcosis [299] and Paranoia [299]
  Strangers 14'' vinyl figure Narcosis [299] and Paranoia [299]
  States of Matter 15'' vinyl figure Trance [345] and Cosmos [234]
2018 Cells – Ignited 10.5'' vinyl figure [234]
  meltdown 16'' vinyl figure alter ego [299] and the long goodbye [199]
  Jaws and Aura –
Half Moon
10.5' and 14''' vinyl figures

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