Chop Chop


Concept by Amanda Visell – Sculpted and Produced by coarse

Last Days of Autumn – Chop Chop

Last Days of Autumn – Chop Chop presents the mischievous children and the helpless log in the original colourway first presented as a painting by Amanda Visell. Designed by Visell and sculpted by coarse, Chop Chop is a handpainted vinyl showpiece and the final colourway in the series.

In natural shades of mossy green and walnut brown, the stump surrenders to the children. Witness the final moments of the log as the children corner him, swinging their axes high, preparing to carry him to their village and reduce him to firewood for the long winter ahead.

The set includes the entire scene: the stump, four axe-wielding children, two fallen leaves, and five chunks of wood the boys and girls have already hacked away. Clear magnet bases guaranteeing a secure stance of each child are also included in the set, allowing you to dramatize the scene as you see fit.

This landmark piece is one of the most complex we have ever created, and we are excited to offer you this one last opportunity to add it to your collection as the design was first imagined.

Available Friday, December 9, 2016

Last Days Of Autumn – Chop Chop
[Limited to 150 pieces]
HK$ 2980
[approximately 384 US$, 349 Euro]

Last Days Of Autumn – Chop Chop will go on sale Friday, December 9 exclusively at the coarse online store at the following times:

07:59 am Los Angeles
10:59 am New York
04:59 pm Berlin
11:59 pm Hong Kong