casting shadows



when silence remains

Sung awake by the whining winds, it’s still night outside. The dozy noop drags himself from his damp sheets, curious to steal a glimpse of the hazy morning light. It’s been a while since cold and darkness began to take over his innocent life. He can hardly feel his frozen body and his head hurts as he tries to wipe away the remains of his nightmares.

He marches up a winding mountain path with his ever present shadow, nism, almost invisibly trawling behind. A howling wind blasts against their bodies as they trudge barefoot through the cold mud. The outlook is murky, the smooth days are no more.

Neglected, nism lurks in the peripheries as the noop's kite finally lifts off the ground with a whipping noise. Today might be his last chance to send paw! a signal to rescue him. The wind is getting stronger every day and it could tear the kite into rags any second now. The sun gleams and begins to expose the fear and aspiration in the noop’s face. Abandoned, and left at the mercy of the elements – like scraps to bribe the land. While he waits, sickness creeps into his mind, muddling his thoughts and gaining control of his senses. His inner voice, drowned out by the slow murmur of sorrows past. What has he done to deserve this torture?

Exhausted and in total desperation, he yearns for a sign, any memory that might be able to guide him back to stability. But instead, his greatest disgust appears from out of the shade. It’s glinting fangs give away it’s ominous presence. As if they both knew it would happen, the beast glares at the noop in utter triumph over him.

The haze clears and the echoes in his head deaden. He returns to his winter slumber. Is he going to die alone?


casting shadows pain — soul edition

With the noop bleeding down his sunken cheek, and nism exposing his blood red gums.

The shrouded duo come guarded in soft black sponge, and encased in a wooden, five-colour truetone screenprinted chest, complete with elastic draw cords. Waiting for you to open them up and break the unbearable silence.

Limited to 200 pieces.















casting shadows pain — signature edition

With blood drowning out the noop’s mouth, and his falling paw! kite stained with spatter. The tiny tentacle feet of nism are stepping into a puddle of blood.

The ill-fated pair comes sheltered in soft black sponge, and packaged in a smooth matte-black box. Sheathed in a casting shadows sleeve complete with interactive pop ups – a nism teeth shield "love ends" and a noop pain gate "time to harvest", waiting for you to test the balance of their drastic detachment.

In stores worldwide – spring 2012.









switch to fall — dreams decay

Days as long as months, the noop treasures the time with his favorite new companion. The perfect playmate, nism, gives glee to the noop with his slithering sucker hugs. His elated mood, always clear in his colourful aura. Countless hours of innocent fun ends with them dipping into the shade of a calm oasis, as the noop glides his paw! kite in the soft afternoon breeze.

Before long, their welcoming surroundings fade to illusion. All the life that exists between them becomes withered and gnarled. Every drop of moisture escapes into the shuddering air. From above, everything begins to tumble into an orchestrated downward spiral. The disoriented noop and nism scramble and grasp for anything to hold on to, as the ground beneath them begins to disintegrate.

Each of them manages to cling to a tiny flake of earth, before being hurled around a cycle of colliding matter. Draining into a dead gray, nism's once supple limbs become stiff and dry.  Paralyzed, he longs to be protected by a firm embrace. The noop fends for himself, cowering away from from the onslaught of whirling fragments that attack him from every angle. They catch sight of each other for an instant, but then continue to fall deep into the abyss.






catch the falling friends

The hunched noop and nervous nism hide in soft black sponge, waiting to be saved. They are protected in a heavy hand crafted cardboard box, 6 tone printed and stamped with nism’s eye of gold. Pull at the ‘noop’ and ‘nism’ fabric tags to reveal the two shaken souls. In the kite bag, you will find the noop’s paw! kite. Set it up and let the paw! loom high above the troubled duo, tinted with red and golden autumn accents and surrounded by c-o-a-r-s-e leaves, as their world begins to crumble around them. Includes one family&friends application card.

casting shadows
switch to fall
[limited to 200 pcs]








coarse casting shadows scenery

coarse casting shadows nism

coarse casting shadows nism tentacles

a bright and sunny day

spreading warmth and innocence

A perfect dawn together. On a hilltop, the two friends sit in whispering silence. Bliss too good for words. A breath of air brushes past as the noop's kite flutters high in the sky like a friendly giant. 

Floating on hopes, they bask in the lazy spring heat. Blanket clouds disperse from above. The noop's wavering sky paw! aligns with the gleaming sun, casting them into a sublime day shade. 

A shimmering outline cuts around the edges of their soaring observer. Together the noop and nism pass back into the light, awakened. If only this moment would last forever.


coarse casting shadows scenery

coarse casting shadows noop face

coarse casting shadows noop

a bright and sunny day

projecting a dark omen

Another morning alone. In the middle of nowhere, two beings are pulled apart. A silent force invading the space between them. Dull thoughts echo deep inside. Fragments of light spike off the shiny shell of nism, like crystal blades stabbing into the noop’s dazzled eyes.

Memories taunt the burdened soul, drowning in the shadows. The elements gather above. And for a short eternity, darkness swoops down, erasing everything in sight. 

Abruptly dropped back into daylight. Huddled in misery once again. This can last no more. 


coarse casting shadows nism

coarse casting shadows noop

casting shadows

Not letting its treasure out of sight, nism endlessly longs for a smile. The smile that could seal a friendship forever. 

But the distant noop must remain alone, and find his own way out of the shadows.


coarse casting shadows scenery

coarse casting shadows scenery

pull friends apart 

Slide open the heavy hand crafted cardboard box by pulling at the woven ‘noop’ and ‘nism’ tags. Uncover the box contents — two vinyl figures, the longing nism [4''] and huddled noop [7'']. Set up the fabric paw! kite, and let the noop hold the string tight in his hand. The paw! kite will float high in the sky [14''], casting his shadow onto the two torn friends. A set of c-o-a-r-s-e type leaves complete this scenery, full of desperation.