False Friends '16


The tale of noop and paw!

High up in the elastomer, paw! gazes out at the yawning caverns, the rocky outcrops, the semifluid deltas, the pristine silence coating it all.

If the world has always been so beautiful, then why did he always feel so alone? All those years, all that time: searching, wishing, waiting.

He had spent so many seasons hunting for his own likeness, for another paw!, because in the elastomer, of course, trust is a tricky thing. He had come across locks, nisms, and even noop: those harvested creatures born of fleshy fruits, yet all the while he kept to himself.

But now he has a friend. His best friend. paw! rests his head on his friend's furry shoulder, breathes in the elastomer's quiet air, and smiles for the first time in a long time.

paw! knows better than to ask questions. Silence with his best friend is better than silence alone. He has learned that much. But lately he has been wondering...

Why are his ears so floppy? Why are his arms so long? And what is that hanging from his neck?

Silence, yes. paw! won't ask a question, but...

He tugs on the ears. He lifts the sleeves. He pulls down the zipper...

A noop.

It was a noop all along.

paw! howls into the elastomer.

Noop's smirk falls, and he bows his head. "Do you forgive me?" he asks.

paw! takes a step toward noop, fists tight, jaw clenched, chest puffed.

"You're my best friend," noop sings. "Won't you please forgive me?"'


Deceive me

When we first showed False Friends at Rotofugi Gallery in 2008, it was a landmark moment for us. Not only was it our first piece to introduce paw! as our first non-human character, but it was also our first set that really attempted to use vinyl figures as a form of story telling. The expression on noop's face, the paw! suit he wears, and paw!'s proud and loyal stance all come together to tell a story of deception, arrogance, and misplaced trust.

We started our Ignited series in 2013 with a glow-in-the dark edition of Souls Gone Mad, and ever since then we have wanted to add an Ignited edition of False Friends to our private collection. But we knew we could not just keep a piece like this for ourselves. Our collectors love our glow-in-the-dark figures as much as we do, so we have decided to glow-in-the-dark editions of False Friends: Reignited and Reignited Monochrome. If you never got a chance to get your hands on this ill-fated duo, this is your one-time opportunity to do so. 

Both editions come with a 12.5’’ paw!, a 13.5’’ noop, and a fabric paw! jumpsuit for noop to slip into. They stand together side-by-side as paw! enjoys the final joyous moments of a friendship that will not last.

noop and paw! will depart the elastomer and arrive in your world inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge. Keep an eye on noop: he might try to trick you.

Reignited finds noop in an icy-green suit matching paw!’s GID features, brazenly trying to trick the naïve creature into a trusting friendship. Limited to 345 pieces.






Reignited Monochrome depicts the duo in GID and grayscale tones as night settles in, keeping paw! from grasping his new friend’s deceit. Limited to 123 pieces. Exclusively available at coarsehkg.com.