Fever and the Omens




Night after night

Fever’s eyes slide shut and he jolts awake in the darkness. The creatures’ crackling voices levitate around him like mist as they spin their heads and play with their golden dice. Fever tries to sit up and run away, but he is weak with sleep. Either way, it is too late — it is always too late. They have noticed his arrival.

“Quick!” one hoots, and they hobble toward him with a rhythm Fever recognizes as his own heartbeat.

This dream always begins the same: Fever wakes on a grey frosty floor. It is just after dusk and he knows he has to run from the omens. On the nights when he can find the strength to stand, he pushes his bare feet against the metal floor and sprints with all his might in the direction that sounds the most silent. Some nights he makes it to the meadow, which unfolds into Haven Forest. The ground here is blanketed by feathers shed long ago, some of them fossilised in amber from sunlight that penetrates through the ancient trees. Lonely flowers wilt beneath Fever's frantic footsteps and omens call his name from their roosts high above. On the rare occasions when he has made it to the edge of the woods, Fever discovers unbreakable brass bars. He tries to tear them apart with his hands, but he is always too weak. Only then does he realize he is just a toy in their cage.

But the omens are not all bad. When Nightfall and Daybreak find him, they lift him and carry him to their nests where they guard him, allowing him to dream in peace. But other nights, Insomnia and his herd get to him first. They hoot lullabies and hold Fever’s head with their black feathers, promising to be gentle. Instead, they perch on their golden dice and feed him nightmares from their shimmering beaks.

On this night, Fever tries to stand until he feels the feathers of an unknown omen clasp tightly around him.






Originally shown as part of the November 2012 "souls gone mad " solo exhibition in Chicago, Fever and the Omens will soon be released as 7'' and 14'' vinyl figures. The characters will be available in three editions at www.coarsehkg.com [see below].



Limited to 345 pcs
This 7'' omen comes securely embedded in black sponge packed in a colour-printed gift box.



Limited to 234 pcs
The signature set includes one 14'' fever, one 7'' omen and one golden
c-o-a-r-s-e die. The figures come securely embedded in black sponge packed in a colour-printed gift box.



Limited to 123 pcs
The dream edition includes one 14'' fever in pyjama pants, three 7'' omens, six golden c-o-a-r-s-e dice and three exclusive prints. The figures come snugly embedded in black sponge inside a deluxe handcrafted wooden box.